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In addition to the PearlPET brand, Pearl is also the largest custom-molded rigid packaging supplier in India.

We are the pioneers in the field of PET & PP packaging in India.

Through our network of four plants and numerous offices through the length and breadth of the country, and a production capacity of over 100 machines currently, we at Pearl Polymers have successfully changed the packaging industry in the country. Among our greatest strengths is our highly skilled, agile and dedicated workforce.

PearlPET is proud to be seen as a mark of quality in the minds of all our consumers. We endeavor to give you a wide & unique variety of storage options to help keep your food safe and hygienic using state of the art technology and precision engineering.

We believe in redefining established paths and this has been our core value right from our inception.

Therefore, over time, we have invested in research and development to bring to our customers new path-breaking packaging technology at very affordable prices.